HEOR & Strategic Market Access Services Workshop

Optimal Market Access Insights for the Netherlands

Putting Your Best Pharmacoeconomic Evidence Forward

Thursday April 23rd
Carlton President Hotel
in Maarssen

Featuring renowned speakers:

  • Dr. Wim Goettsch EUNetHTA/GetReal
  • Peter Fassler AbbVie B.V.
  • Dr. Maiwenn Al Eramus University Rotterdam
  • Dr. Andreas Karabis Mapi
  • Dr. Jennifer Gaultney Mapi
  • Jeanni van Loon Mapi
  • Dr. Gianluca Baio University College London

Topics to be discussed include:

  • How To Build A Successful  Submission Dossier For ZiN
  • How To Incorporate Clinical Evidence Into Economic Models
  • How To Adapt A Core Economic Model To A Dutch Setting



Welcome Reception & Walk-in Lunch



Expectations For A Successful Pharmacoeconomic Dossier Submission to ZiN

Jeanni van Loon, Mapi
A general overview of the ZiN requirements for a successful submission of pharmacoeconomic evidence will be presented.


EUnetHTA and GetReal: European Collaboration On Joint HTAs and Collection of Real World Data

Dr. Wim Goettsch, EUNetHTA
European collaboration on relative effectiveness assessments has received a lot of attention recently. This collaboration may impact evidence requirements on a local/national level substantially. Moreover, other relevant developments in early access of new pharmaceuticals as part of adaptive pathways will also affect these HTA evidence requirements. In this presentation both developments will be linked and discussed in relation to the needs and requirements of the local/national authorities.


Gathering and Synthesizing The Evidence: From Systematic Literature Reviews To Indirect Treatment Comparisons and Network Meta-Analysis

Dr. Andreas Karabis, Mapi
An overview of the appropriate methods for gathering evidence will be presented, followed by methods for evidence synthesis such as (standard) meta-analysis, indirect treatment comparison (ITC) and network meta-analysis (NMA). Terminology, assumptions, validity, methods (frequentist vs. Bayesian) and interpretation of results will be discussed.


Incorporating Different Sources of Evidence Into A Health Economic Model

Dr. Gianluca Baio, University College London
During this session, guidance will be provided on the interpretation of indirect treatment comparisons and network meta-analysis to assist professionals in using its findings for incorporation into health economic models used for submissions. Furthermore, advice will be provided on how to critically review evidence synthesis with a view on informing local requirements.


Economic Models: Combining Good Practices and ZiN Requirements

Dr. Maiwenn Al, Eramus University Rotterdam
The requirements for economic modeling studies as set-forth by ZiN will be discussed alongside common pitfalls to be avoided when submitting health economic models.


Overcoming The Challenges With Adapting Core Economic Models To The Dutch Setting

Peter Fassler, AbbVie B.V.
Dr. Jennifer Gaultney, Mapi

During this session, key challenges with adapting core models for the Dutch setting will be discussed. The experiences from a market access manager perspective and Mapi will be presented along with insights into how to overcome the risks to a successful model adaptation.






Selected Presenters

Wim Goettsch
Dr. Wim Goettsch is the Project Leader of work package 5 of the EUnetHTA Joint Action 2 (2012-2015), in which rapid joint assessments of relative effectiveness of pharmaceuticals are piloted between more than 25 HTA organisations. He is also Advisor of International Affairs and Academia for the National Health Care Institute and involved in projects around Medicines Adaptive Pathways to Patients (MAPPs) and real world data. He is also a visiting scientist for the Department of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacotherapy at the University of Utrecht and is Director on the ISPOR Board.

Peter Fassler
Peter Fassler is the Market Access Manager at AbbVie, leading Market Access related initiatives to launch Hepatitis C indication in the Netherlands. He has over 5 years’ experience working in this filed and his expertise include product launches, developing dossiers for reimbursement / HTA submission, designing and localizing HEOR models, pricing and payer engagement. Prior to his engagement with AbbVie he worked as a European Market Access consultant, extending his experience to include a cross-company and broader European perspective.

Maiwenn Al
Dr. Maiwenn Al is a senior researcher at the institute for Medical Technology Assessment, Erasmus University. Together with Ben van Hout Maiwenn developed the acceptability-curve, a now-standard method of describing uncertainty around ICERs. Her research focus is on modelling studies and methods for dealing with uncertainty in economic evaluations. Maiwenn is member of the Scientific Advisory Board (sub-committee Pharmaceuticals) of the National Health Care Institute (ZIN) in the Netherlands. Since 2011 she has been health economic lead to several technology appraisals for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK. Maiwenn holds an MSc in Mathematics and a PhD in Health Economics.

Andreas Karabis
Andreas Karabis leads Mapi’s HEOR team in the Netherlands, providing guidance and directing projects teams in conducting systematic literature reviews and evidence syntheses, developing economic evaluation models and prepare submissions to HTA or reimbursement authorities. His expertise includes statistical analysis, survival and risk analysis, computational statistics and dynamic systems modelling. Andreas has a BSc in Mathematics, an MSc in Applied Mathematics, and a PhD in Computational Mathematics from the University of Patras, Greece.

Jennifer Gaultney
Dr. Jennifer Gaultney leads projects for Mapi’s HEOR team in the Netherlands involving systematic literature reviews and evidence synthesis and developing and adapting health economic models for submissions to HTA or reimbursement authorities. Jennifer is a health economist with over six years experience spanning disease areas including oncology, hematology, and communicative diseases. Jennifer holds an MPH in clinical epidemiology from Emory University, and an MSc in Health Economics Policy and Law and a PhD in Health Economics and Outcomes Research from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Jeanni van Loon
Jeanni Van Loon has 20 years of client-side and consulting experience. Jeanni has been involved in the development and first revisions of the pharmaco-economic guidelines issued by the Dutch authorities and has extensive experience of reimbursement submissions in all major European countries. At Mapi, Jeanni adresses the evolving needs of our clients, developing strategic solutions that make the most of our skills in market access landscaping, evidence generation, economic evaluation and value demonstration. Jeanni has a Bachelors in physical therapy and a MSc in Health Policy and Management.

Gianluca Baio
Dr. Gianluca Baio is a Lecturer in Statistics and Health Economics at University College London (UK). He obtained a PhD in Applied Statistics from the University of Florence (Italy), after a period at the Program on the Pharmaceutical Industry at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge (USA). He leads a research project between Mapi and UCL and his main interests are in Bayesian statistical modelling for cost effectiveness analysis and decision-making problems in the health systems, hierarchical/multilevel models and causal inference using the decision-theoretic approach.

The Venue

carltonThe Optimal Market Access Insights for the Netherlands workshop is being held at the Carlton President Hotel, centrally located near Maarssen:

Floraweg 25
The Netherlands
+31 (0)30 241 41 82

The hotel offers ample parking, which is being provided complimentary for all workshop attendees.

A lunch will be served at the beginning of the meeting. After the workshop, please join us and your colleagues for drinks and Dutch appetizers at the Exchange Lounge area on the ground floor.


To register for this event, please contact Anna Wallace:

+ 31 (0) 30 63 69 763