Patient-Centered Outcomes in 2017:

What’s New and What’s Likely Not to Change

This symposium is for everyone who helps influence their company’s investment in Patient-Centered Outcomes research, including decision-makers, strategy definition experts, and Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) specialists

Discussion Points

Topics will include:

The landscape of COA measurement is changing. At this symposium, attendees gain a top-level understanding of the evolving Patient-Centered Outcomes environment, with Mapi’s suggestions for safe and wise decisions regarding where to invest and when to innovate.

  • What can we learn from the past year’s dynamic on COA claims?
  • What do regulators and payers expect from the pharmaceutical industry in 2016 in terms of evidence?
  • In 2016, is it still worth investing in measurement instruments such as Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) measures?
  • How do recent changes affect former SEALD group and the newly released FDA COA compendium?
  • What are the trends, in terms of methods (preferences), disease areas (Oncology, CNS, Rare Diseases…), and pilot compendium? Easier or harder to get a claim?

This Patient-Centered Research Workshop was presented on October 20 2016 at ISOQOL in Copenhagen. Mapi and industry experts including Benoit Arnould shared their experience and expertise with attendees from across the industry. We would love to present this workshop for your team or at your tradeshow. To find out more, contact Mapi at

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