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Medical Information Services

Mapi Medical Information Service provides key support for a product as it enters the marketplace and transitions through the product lifecycle. We are the first line of contact between your organization and your customers, providing medical, scientific, and technical information in response to inquiries regarding your products.

Our medical information call center specialists are uniquely trained to address inquiries specific to your products. Our specialties include pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, OTC products, natural health products, and drug/device combinations. Our medical information specialists also support patient assistance programs and product reimbursement programs.

Receiving medical information inquiries & providing answers

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Customizable solutions—we cater to your needs, not ours

Our medical information service offers call center services based on your current needs. We can provide staffing during business hours, weekends, 24/7, including holidays. We provide valuable support during product launches and can provide additional staff during product recalls or other emergency situations. We provide medical information service in the United States, Europe, and Canada.

The Mapi medical information call center can provide:

Bilingual services: French and English.

Written communications: Our call center staff have excellent oral and written communications skills, and are experienced in generating standard letters, FAQs, disclaimers, and other responses.

Literature searches: Our staff conducts literature searches using various scientific literature databases and has access to an on-site experienced medical research librarian.

Safety data capture: Our specialists are trained to recognize and capture data received regarding adverse events, lack of efficacy reports, exposure during pregnancy or lactation, drug interactions, overdose, drug abuse or misuse, medication errors, occupational exposure, and suspected transmission of infectious diseases. Our staff transfers the data to the relevant drug safety/pharmacovigilance departments within timelines, allowing full compliance with expediting reporting to various health authorities. We also capture all medical information cases in our database, which can be used to generate periodic reports and metrics for reconciliation purposes or trend analysis.

Call center staff with scientific backgrounds: Our call center is staffed by individuals with university degrees including PhDs, as well as pharmacists and physicians with a background in life sciences and diverse medical information contact center experience. Our staff members are experienced communicators accustomed to working with a variety of callers, from patients who require basic product information or who are reporting an adverse event, to health care professionals seeking in-depth scientific information.

Comprehensively trained staff: Mapi hires knowledgeable medical information personnel who are trained to respond to verbal and written inquiries or obtain information regarding:

  • Clinical, medical, and scientific information
  • Off-label use, compassionate use, and patient assistance programs
  • Requests received from medical information websites
  • Medical writing, SOP development
  • Surveys conducted for health care professionals/patients

Our staff is passionate about providing high-quality customer service. Their goal is to provide factual information in a timely manner, as the patient’s health is of utmost importance to us. They are not intended to replace the health care professional’s role.

Staff experience: Our specialists have proven expertise in product launches, product recalls, medical information inquiries from “Dear health care professional” letters, and health authorities’ advisories, audits, and inspections. Our staff regularly liaises with company personnel (sales reps, MSLs) and departments (regulatory, medical and scientific affairs, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance, etc.)

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