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Chemical and Polymer Comprehensive Compliance Assessment Tool

Canadian regulation of chemicals and polymers has evolved from simple industrial substances management using the DSL and NDSL. Today, a more complex system is in place, integrating the management of a wider range of substances and numerous risk management measures, both currently imposed and under development. The implications to the chemical industry can be profound and overwhelming.

How are you managing the growing burden of the Canadian regulatory landscape with your increasingly limited resources?

How do you manage, update, and ensure the compliance status of your complete chemical and polymer inventory?

What is the financial cost of being out of compliance? What is the impact of non-compliance on customer relationships and your reputation?

Mapi’s Chemical and Polymer Comprehensive Compliance Assessment Tool (CAPCCAT) is a web-based program that provides a focused solution to all these problems. This program eases regulatory burden and simplifies CEPA compliance by providing:

  • Multi-substance, simultaneous verification of inclusion of a substance on Regulatory Inventories
  • Multi-substance, simultaneous consideration of current or future possible risk management measures applicable to the substance, accomplished from one access point
  • Interpretation and automatic updating of compliance information
  • Easy-to-understand New Substances regulatory planning


  • Manage the growing burden while reducing your effort and resources
  • Manage, update and ensure compliance by entering your inventory in CAPCCAT once and then relying on CAPCCAT’s automatic updates
  • Reduce the risk and impact of being out of compliance by subscribing to a tool that provides evidence of due diligence

Canadian chemical and polymer management today involves either:

Significant Burden

  • Listing of a substance on a regulatory inventory must be verified one substance at a time
  • Each relevant inventory and all relevant risk management measures must be consulted one at a time
  • Risk management measures imposedon substances without CAS numbers or on groups of substances are not easily distinguished from others on EC’s website
  • Compliance status should be regularly updated, which may require frequent and significant effort
  • New Substance Schedule determination can be complicated and lengthy
  • Manufacture or import volume planning for new substances requires careful consideration of regulatory requirements


  • Simultaneous screening of an unlimited number of substances
  • Simultaneous, single point-of-access screening of all relevant inventories and risk management conditions
  • A clear summary of all non-CAS-specific risk management measures (SNAc Notices, Ministerial Conditions, Prohibitions, and Schedule 1 listings) makes considerations of these measures easy and simple
  • Compliance status is automatically checked on a daily basis, and if any change has occurred, you are automatically notified by email
  • Notification Schedules are determined automatically based on your answers to a few simple questions
  • An easy-to-use strategic tool helps you to evaluate your options related to the manufacture or import of a new substance with clarity and confidence

What can CAPCCAT do for you?

Multi-substance, simultaneous verification of inclusion of a substance on Regulatory Inventories:

  • The Domestic Substances List (DSL) and Non-Domestic Substances List (NDSL).*
  • The list of FDA-approved substances eligible for listing on the DSL (FDA-DSL).
  • The revised In-Commerce List (ICL) by CASRN or by substance name, as appropriate.**

Multi-substance, simultaneous consideration of current or future possible risk management measures applicable to the substance can be accomplished from one access point, with one click:

  • Verify whether a substance has been prioritized under the Categorization of the DSL Program (CatDSL), including the approximately 300 substances which have been categorized for reasons other than meeting the categorization criteria, and which are not currently easily identified in the EC online database.
  • Inform you of whether your substance is currently the subject of the Challenge to Industry as part of the Chemical Management Plan.
    Automatically report all risk management conditions imposed on a substance, including Significant New Activity (SNAc) Notices, Ministerial Conditions (MCs),
  • Prohibitions and listing on CEPA Schedule 1 ‘List of Toxic Substances’.
  • Provide a listing of all risk management conditions that have been imposed on substances without CASRNs or on groups of substances, for ease of reference.

Interpretation and automatic updating of compliance information:

  • Provide interpretation of the implications of listing on any Inventory, or of the imposition of risk management measures.
  • Automatically notify you when a change to the status of a substance on any Inventory changes, including: addition to the DSL, NDSL, FDA-DSL or ICL; deletion from the DSL or NDSL; and addition to the Challenge to Industry.
  • Automatically notify you of publication of substance-specific SNAcs, MCs, or Prohibitions, or of promotion of a substance onto the CEPA Schedule 1 ‘List of Toxic Substances’.

Easy-to-understand New Substance regulatory planning:

  • Determine the Schedule and technical data required for notification of a New Substance.
  • Provide an easy-to-use strategic planning tool that will allow you to evaluate your regulatory options related to the manufacture or import of a New Substance in Canada.
  • Provide you with automated estimates, upon your request, for the preparation of a required notification Schedule after determination by CAPCCAT that notification is required.

How does CAPCCAT protect my confidential business information?

CAPCCAT uses various secure systems to protect your business information; login is password-protected and passwords are encrypted; transmission of information is encrypted; and the servers that store your information at your request are located in a secured and monitored facility. No one has access to your information unless you request it specifically. Your User Agreement includes an agreement with Mapi that all information entered in CAPCCAT, stored in CAPCCAT, or sent to Mapi will be maintained under strictest confidentiality.

How can I access CAPCCAT?

CAPCCAT is a web-based program located at Access to CAPCCAT is granted based on the purchase of a yearly subscription. Purchase of the subscription can be performed online at and same-day access will be granted following receipt of payment. CAPCCAT is available 24/7 using your personal username and password.

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