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Cost Effectiveness Model

Demonstrating Health Economic Value

Why Mapi?

Our models provide strong evidence to demonstrate product value

Mapi has extensive experience in developing models to support the economic value proposition for pharmaceutical products, medical devices and diagnostics. Mapi’s experience extends to 85+ economic models, including more than 18 core cost-effectiveness models and over 47 country adaptations. Mapi works with our clients to understand their needs before delivering bespoke cost-effectiveness and budget impact models that can deliver the metrics needed to demonstrate the health economic value of their product.

Since 2003, Mapi has supported over 200 HTA submissions in 20 countries. Our bespoke economic models or model adaptations have often been the core source of health economic value information for these projects. Mapi also provide early economic models for critical early strategic advice. Mapi strongly believe that a model is not a standalone task, but part of a wider value communication service. Mapi experts provide innovative and strategic insights based upon the evidence generated during the modeling process to optimise our client’s product market access goals.

Our models are evidence- based, scientifically rigorous, transparent and fit-for-purpose, providing strong evidence to demonstrate product value.

Our Health Economic Models:


Mapi believes that health economic models are only as good as the data that is used to populate them. Our experts in systematic literature reviews, network meta-analysis, and statistics ensure that every model is based on the best possible data sources.

Scientifically rigorous
Mapi has developed and published many methodological studies in evidence synthesis, statistical methods, and cost-effectiveness. Combined with our HTA and market access experience, these methods ensure that our health economic models use the best methods to demonstrate product value.

As Mapi approaches health economic modeling as part of a product’s value story, our models can be simple decision trees, or complex patient-level simulations. Mapi works with the client to determine the best methods to use for each model on a case-by-case basis.

We deliver well-organized and fully referenced models, not heavily designed or branded tools that can result in a black box experience.

Our published methods for network meta-analysis of survival data allow coherent evaluation of the clinical and economic value of your drug.

Health Economic Modeling at Mapi

State of the art methodological and technical expertise

  • Decision Trees
  • (Semi-) Markov state-transition models
  • Patient simulation models
  • Integration of Bayesian evidence synthesis and cost-effectiveness modeling in a single unified framework
  • Evidence synthesis of survival curves
  • Uncertainty analysis and value of information

Communication of economic value

  • Communication of economic value with clarity, brevity, balance, and accuracy
  • Communication of the economic evidence in a language the target audience understands

Budget Impact Models

Healthcare purchasers are increasingly concerned about their budgets. Budget impact model (BIM) is an essential part of a comprehensive economic assessment of a health-care technology and is increasingly required, by healthcare purchasers, before formulary approval or reimbursement. The purpose of a BIM is to estimate the financial consequences of adoption and diffusion of a new health-care intervention (drug or medical device) within a specific health-care setting or system context given inevitable budget constraints. Essentially, a BIM predicts how a change in the mix of drugs and other therapies used to treat a particular health condition will impact the overall spending on that condition.


Mapi has built numerous interactive and user friendly BIMs for a number of countries and emerging healthcare markets The basic interactive BIM is flexible and can be targeted to various stakeholders at different levels of the healthcare system and can be integrated alongside the economic model or provided in a separate model.

To ensure the highest quality, Mapi’s Budget Impact Models undergo rigid quality control, including technical verification and evaluation of internal consistency; external validation; cross-validation and evaluation of face validity by clinical experts.

Mapi is also able to publish a BIM as an application for an iPad, in a stand-alone desktop application, as other tablet platforms (i.e. Android) or build BIM on both platforms simultaneously (iOS and Android). There are two main technology choices for developing BIM applications for tablets:

  • Native iPad technology (native iPad code) which can be used only for iPad applications
  • HTML5 technology which can be used for both iPad and Android applications

Benefits of BIM iPad/Android platform:

  • Easy to use and navigate on your iPad/Android tablet
  • Runs as fast as Excel
  • Appealing user-interface
  • Works both in offline and online mode
  • Incorporate presentation of the drug before the model
  • Embed the video on the mechanism of action before the model
  • All that in one single app

Infectious Disease Models

There is growing interest in the cost effectiveness of vaccines and antibiotics for infectious-diseases. Dynamic modeling approaches have become very important for decision-making about the cost-effectiveness of infectious disease interventions and programs, because they allow for the formal inclusion of important features such as herd immunity. Mapi has developed several dynamic models to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of vaccination and antimicrobial treatments and is at the forefront of methodological research to extend the available tools and further incorporate additional important features, such as extensive probabilistic sensitivity analysis in dynamic models.




Very satisfied with the high quality of the publications developed by the Mapi team for our company.
–Value Communications client

I was very impressed with your team's ability to deliver a very well-structured and easy-to-read final report and draft manuscript. It can be very difficult to find a group that is well-versed both in study methodology and communication of results! Your team's strong writing skills have reduced the timelines of our manuscript development substantially!
–Associate Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research - Forest Research Institute

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