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Product Utilization Studies

Product-utilization studies are conducted by biopharmaceutical Sponsors on approved, marketed products. As described below, these studies can be beneficial to healthcare providers, patients, and payers as well as the sponsor. 

Benefits of Product-Utilization Studies

  • Generate clinical effectiveness data
  • Support and strengthen the product safety profile
  • Demonstrate “real-world” clinical, economic, and humanistic outcomes
  • Provide a supportive environment for treating physicians
  • Impact the quality of patient care
  • Develop “best practice” guidelines and standards of care
  • Generate hypotheses for additional clinical research
  • Develop sub-studies to address specific areas of interest
  • Generate data for abstracts, manuscripts, and study participant meetings
  • Provide a value-added service and demonstrate responsiveness to customers
  •  Demonstrate the Sponsor’s commitment to:
    • Patient care
    • Quality improvement
    • Education of healthcare providers
  • Accelerate product adoption to achieve rapid peak sales and maximize product potential
  • Identify undertreated patient populations
  • Characterize evolving treatment patterns
  • Influence market expansion and product penetration
  • Promote product retention and compliance
  • Identify factors impacting prescribing decisions, i.e., physician decision-making
  • Identify issues related to product use, (e.g., compliance, tolerability)
  • Characterize off-label product use
  • Integrate the Sponsor’s Marketing, Sales, and Medical Affairs Departments in the commercialization process
  • Maximize communication opportunities with key customers
  • Evaluate data to develop targeted sales and marketing strategies
  • Use objective data to drive product lifecycle planning
  • Generate clinical data on a product to drive market leadership

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