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Patient Insights & Engagement

Mapi’s Patient Insights & Engagement team is focused on gaining an in-depth understanding of the patient and the many factors that influence their health behavior and decision-making process. We bring the patient’s perspective into all aspects and phases of the development process, as well as post commercialization.

Our team includes clinical practitioners, health educators, and experts in human performance and instructional design, each bringing a unique perspective to the challenge of understanding the patient experience and creating interventions that improve engagement. We consider data from contextual research, healthcare ecosystem mapping, and innovative primary research modalities through the lens of our experience and expertise. This allows us to uncover the emotional and social influences that impact illness behavior, motivators, and barriers to engagement and factors that may affect learning and comprehension.

Our innovative methods, which involve the patient as a partner, provide actionable insights into the unique needs and priorities of specific patient groups. This collaboration with patients and caregivers means we can help our clients better inform:

  • Protocol design – key design features, visit schedule, tests and procedures
  • Trial and post-market approval study operations – enrollment and retention strategies and tools
  • Selection and development of Patient Reported Outcome tools to ensure relevance to patients-domains identified by the patient population, delivery methodology, ability constraints
  • Educational initiatives – impactful support for patients and caregivers
  • Marketing strategies – insights on how products address the health needs of actual patients'

We focus on the person behind the patient

Our creative methodologies go beyond a person’s condition to get a more holistic view of their lives, to understand the patient’s ecosystem and how it influences their health decisions and behaviors.


Engaging Advocacy
At Mapi, we understand the expanding role of advocacy groups and their influence with patients. We’re nurturing long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with advocacy groups across many therapeutic areas. Partnering with advocacy allows us to better support the patient in the realm of clinical research—an important objective of advocacy—while gaining valuable insights into the patient experience.

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