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Patient Partner Workshops

At Mapi, we’re strong advocates of making patients full participants in the process, not just as an audience or market research respondents. We find that interactive, hands-on workshops are the best way for patients to offer their vital insights. So we created the Patient Partners Workshop.

At our Patient Partners Workshops, patients freely interact with others with their condition, openly express their needs and priorities, and share their daily burdens and triumphs. The workshop is a safe, supportive environment that encourages participation and investment in the process. Our extensive experience in direct patient care and health education creates the space for this open dialogue and our expertise in instructional systems design helps us to create experiences that encourage patients to feel comfortable sharing emotions and information.

Depending on the business objective, a Patient Partners Workshop could include activities such as story sharing, co-creation, experience mapping, bio-poems, and other techniques designed to encourage authentic exchange and deliver actionable insights to inform our clients’ decisions.

Other Methodologies
For some business objectives, a Patient Partners Workshop may not be the optimal solution. For these situations, Mapi’s Patient Insights and Engagement team can employ traditional methods such as indepth interviews and focus groups. We also offer alternative methodologies like Patient and Caregiver Advisory Boards, Patient Life Insights Programs (a combination of in-home in-depth interviews, healthcare ride-alongs, and follow up sessions), Co-creation Workshops, and other techniques to meet our clients’ needs.

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