Engaging directly with patients throughout the entire product lifecycle

Patient Logistics

Mapi’s Patient Logistics services offer proven results for accelerated recruitment, increased patient engagement, improved patient-reported data quality, and minimized study burden and attrition.

Mapi’s Patient Logistics team has over 15 years of experience

Our Patient Logistics solutions are built on Mapi’s four decades of global Clinical Outcomes expertise, two decades of Real World Evidence experience, and twenty-five years of clinical cross-cultural language services expertise. These combined services establish Mapi as the clear industry leader in supporting patients (or their caregivers) in studies and disease management programs:

  • Study information, assistance, and support for patients and caregivers
  • Faciliate collection of patient-reported data (COAs, QoL, drug/resources utilization, safety outcomes)
  • Contacts performed independently from HCPs and/or Investigators to reduce burden and minimize some biases
  • Flexible customized approaches meeting patients’ preferences to enhance engagement

These include but are not limited to:

  • Remind Me provides reminders of upcoming deliverables for patients in multiple preferred methods such as email, SMS, letter, phone, and in-app reminders.
  • Refund Me provides centralized management of patient expenses and compensations according to a standardized process.
  • Collect My Data features direct and proactive collection of patient-reported data in a multilingual and multichannel
    environment with patients’ preferred method (paper, telephone, ePRO, web, IVRS, SMS).
  • Organize My Tests helps schedule tests and visits, and helps facilitate the collection of samples.
  • Make My Treatments Easier involves home treatment delivery for clinical trials with the possibility of administration by a local nurse.

Mapi’s Patient Logistics services offers:

  • Secure and internationally compliant methods for collection and maintenance of identifiable patient information
  • Increased study acceptance by patients and physicians
  • Reduced patient and investigator burden
  • Enhanced study relevance for patients
  • Improved compliance with protocol, study methodology, and scheduled processes
  • Improved response rate, retention, and reduced attrition

Contact Management

Mapi has 15 years of international experience in the collection and maintenance of patient identifiable information to allow for direct contact and follow-up of patients enrolled in clinical trials, real world studies and patient engagement programs. Our process involves strict control of patient information that is compliant with national and international data privacy laws and has been approved by ethical committees in over 40 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Data Collection / Contact Management

Mapi teams use multiple approaches and technologies to collect patient-reported data, keep patients engaged, and improve retention. Dedicated, highly trained experts proactively integrate flexible and scalable methodologies such as direct telephone contact, standard mail, email, ePRO, and SMS with patients or caregivers. We can engage with our international set of resources or integrate with either our strategic eCOA partners or our clients’ preferred eCOA providers.

Mapi is one of the only research companies with both experienced skilled multilingual interviewers and an internal web-based Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) module to assure assessment process quality and ensure safe anonymous storage of the health data in a secure centralized PRO database.

Patients’ contact information is maintained in a firewall-protected independent database directly managed by the dedicated Mapi team. This contact management system is designed to streamline patient contact with built-in reminders and reports. The system facilitates contact with ePRO functionality, delivering scripted and branched questions, customized to specific patients and studies in their native language.

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