Press Release: Mapi Creates Dedicated Patient Centered Sciences Unit by Combining Patient Centered Outcomes, Patient Insights and Engagement and Direct To Patient Contact Services

London, United Kingdom, June 19, 2017/PRNewswire/ -- Mapi, the leading Patient-Centered Health Research company, today announced the creation of a dedicated unit combining its Patient Centered Outcomes (PCO) team, Patient Insight & Engagement researchers and their Patient Logistics group (PROclinica), the provider of Direct To Patient services, to create transformative integrated solutions  across the entire treatment lifecycle for biopharmaceutical clients.

The new dedicated unit, headed by Mapi’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. William C Maier, will provide customers with global patient- solutions based on patient perceptions, behaviours and motivations to improve drug efficacy and safety assessment, regulatory and payer acceptance, study design, recruitment and participation in trials, observational studies and pharmaceutical marketing activities.

“Mapi has been the industry innovator and leader in Patient Centered Research longer than most CROs have existed ” said Will Maier, Chief Scientific Officer of Mapi. “Through this new business unit we help our clients seamlessly integrate and align Patient Centered Sciences; developing the most complete understanding of patients, their behaviour and preferences, integrating relevant Clinical Outcomes to support endpoints and value based treatment, as well as execute on these combined insights with the industry’s most experienced Direct to Patient Contact experts. Mapi is considered the regulatory and peri- and post-approval research experts, enabling our clients to meet the evidence demands of both regulators and payers for over four decades.”

Experts from the new unit will be presenting at the annual June meeting of the Drug Information Association (DIA) in Chicago.

Benoit Arnould, PhD - Senior Director, Patient-centered Outcomes (PCO), Mapi Group

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  • Session 07-01Integrating the Patient's Voice Across the Development Program of Rare Diseases; Developing the PKU-QOL: A Long Journey to Integrate the Patients’ Voice into Phenylketonuria Drug Development Programs

Kelly Franchetti, RN, CCRN, CEN - Vice President, Global Patient Insights & Engagement (PI&E), Mapi Group

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  • Presentation: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership: Engaging Advocacy and Patient Groups to Assist with Clinical Trial Recruitment
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Valerie Powell, MS - Director, Global Patient Insights & Engagement (PI&E), Mapi Group

Will Maier, PhD, MPH - Chief Scientific Officer, Patient-Centered Services, Mapi

Margaret Richards, PhD, MPH - Vice President, Data Analytics and Epidemiology, Real World Strategy and Analytics (RWS&A)


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