Mapi Group achieves ISO/IEC 17100 across their global Language Services group

LYON, France, April. 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Mapi, the original developer of Linguistic Validation and most trusted provider of medical translation, has achieved ISO/IEC 17100 certification.

This certification demonstrates Mapi’s commitment to transparency, quality, and diligence in supporting our clients. ISO 17100 certifies that Mapi meets and exceeds internationally acknowledged best practices. Mapi has a proven capability of providing a quality service through a fully traceable process and the industry’s most qualified linguists, assuring that customers’ medical translations are done to global standards.

Benefits to our customers:

  • Confidence that Mapi follows a recognized specialist standard while undertaking translation requirements
  • Assuring that quality controls are in place and that our experts maintain their skills to industry standards
  • Assurance that Mapi only employs appropriately qualified staff – translators are qualified to undertake the task in a professional and effective manner to the latest industry standards

“Mapi is proud to be the one of the first Language Services Provider (LSP) dedicated to the life science industry that provides ISO/IEC 17100-level translation services to all our clients” explained Ana Bayles, head of Mapi Language Services.

James Karis, Mapi’s CEO, added: “As the pioneer in Linguistic Validation, with over 40,000 translated versions of more than 2500 COAs, our expertise is second to none; we apply our Mapi Quality approach and implement the most stringent, internationally-certified processes across our global network, which encompasses thousands of specialists spanning across more than 100 countries working in more than 170 languages.”

About Mapi Language Services:

Mapi Language Services is the worldwide leader in medical translation and Linguistic Validation of COAs for more than 25 years. Mapi has first-hand knowledge of local languages and cultures, regulations, and healthcare practices. We work in close collaboration with developers, assure conceptual equivalence and international harmonization of all language versions. Mapi Language Services’ experience represents more than 40,000 translated versions of 2,500 Questionnaires in 170 languages.

Mapi Group has over 40 years of experience supporting Life-Science companies in utilizing Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) measures, Health Research Language Services, Value communications and Commercialization support, Strategic Regulatory Services, and gathering Real-World Evidence on Pharmaceuticals, Biologicals, and Medical devices. Mapi Group is the premier provider of Health Research and Commercialization services to Life-Science companies enabling Market Authorization, Market Access and Market Adoption of novel therapeutics. Visit for more information.