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ISPOR 20th European Meeting 2017

November 4, 2017 @ 08:00 - November 8, 2017 @ 17:00 UTC+0



Glasgow, Scotland

Why you should attend:

Event benefits -

  • Audience: Approximately 5,000 congress attendees from the global HEOR community.
  • Advance the Science: Contribute your research; share your knowledge and ideas.
  • Extend Your Research Impact: The promotion and dissemination of ISPOR congress content, coupled with the ISPOR attendee profile and global recognition, broadens the reach and impact of your research.
  • Career Development Opportunities and Recognition: Abstract publication and research excellence award finalist eligibility. All accepted research abstracts are published in Value in Health.

Mapi's Event Involvement:

Exhibitor ~ Mapi & ICON plc will be jointly hosting an 8-part exhibitor area @ both #503. Be sure to stop by to meet-and-greet with our organizations' team of attending experts!

Featured Mapi Posters/Oral Presentations/Workshops:

Poster Presentation: PRO labeling for products approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for narcolepsy

  • Featured Presenters: Perrier LL, Jurado D, Anfray C, Acquadro C

Poster Presentation: A review of clinical outcome assessments labeling in Europe and in the United States (2013-2016)

  • Featured Presenters: Arnould B, Pierson R, Chan E, Savre I, Acquadro C

Poster Presentation: Electronic patient-reported outcomes: Are there gaps between guidance and issues encountered in practice?

  • Featured Presenters: Williams P, Itani A, Brunel V, Bindi P, Emery MP, Anfray C, Josielewski E, Acquadro C

Poster Presentation: Adherence issues in Diabetes Treatment: How can Acceptance Measurement Help Understanding Patients’ Concerns and Working on Solutions?

  • Featured Presenters: Wiederkehr S, De Bock E, Chekroun M, Arnould B

Poster Presentation: Adherence issues in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment: How can Acceptance Measurement Help Understanding Patients’ Concerns and Working on Solutions?

  • Featured Presenters: Wiederkehr S, De Bock E, Chekroun M, Arnould B

Poster Presentation: Adherence issues in Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment: How can Acceptance Measurement Help Understanding Patients’ Concerns and Working on Solutions?

  • Featured Presenters: Wiederkehr S, De Bock E, Chekroun M, Arnould B

Oral Presentation: Exploring Factors explaining Treatment Acceptance in Patients Suffering from a Chronic Disease

  • Featured Presenters: Wiederkehr S, De Bock E, Chekroun M, Arnould B

Poster Presentation: Using convergent mixed methods to evaluate treatment risks and benefits in rare disease: An example from a Phase II registration trial in metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma

  • Featured Presenters: Bharmal M, Guillemin I, Marrel A, Lambert J, Arnould B, Fofana F, Hennessy M, Dias-Barbosa C

Poster Presentation: Association between tumour lesion size and health-related quality of life outcomes in patients with metastatic Merkel Cell Carcinoma treated with avelumab

  • Featured Presenters: Kaufman H, Mahnke L, von Heydebreck A, Bharmal M

Poster Presentation: Development and utility valuation of health states for haemophilia and related complications in Europe and in the USA

  • Featured Presenters: Hoxer CS, Zak M, Lambert J

Poster Presentation: Development of a tool to quantify an individual’s history of sun exposure: Qualitative phase of the development of the Sun Exposure Questionnaire

  • Featured Presenters: Guillemin I, Augès M, Berdeaux G, Nadal F, Questel E, Marrel A

Poster Presentation: Symptom deterioration in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma treated with cabozantinib or everolimus

  • Featured Presenters: Marteau F, Beaumont J, Gabriel S, Hankins M, Mandeshkar M, Williams P, Cella D

Poster Presentation: Gamification, what is it and how can it be used in health outcomes research?

  • Featured Presenters: Acquadro M, Arnould B

Poster Presentation: Estimating utilities/disutilities for high risk metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC) and treatment-related adverse events.

  • Featured Presenters: Hall F, De Freitas H, Kerr C, Ito T, Nafees B, Lloyd A, Penton J, Hadi M, Pham T

Poster Presentation: Impact of different baseline definitions on the incidence of relevant outcomes associated with cancer following an advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) diagnosis

  • Featured Presenters: Linden S, Banos Hernaez AM, Redig J, Nilsson J, Justo N

Poster Presentation: Processes and requirements for health economic assessment of antibiotics for HTA purposes: Time for a paradigm shift?

  • Featured Presenters: Gaultney J, Udechuku A, Bending M

Poster Presentation: Analysis of recent approvals of immuno-oncology drugs across England, Scotland, Germany and France

  • Featured Presenters: Ziomek J, El-Mouaddin N, Ng T, Ovcinnikova O, Taveau C.

Poster Presentation: Identification of real world data sources in cancer in the Nordic countries

  • Featured Presenters: Vertuani S, Hernlund E, Klint J, Miikkulainen K, Paulsson B, Jacob J

Poster Presentation: Potential therapeutic and economic value of risk-stratified treatment as initial treatment of multiple myeloma in Europe

  • Featured Presenters: Gaultney J, Ng T, Uyl-de Groot CA, Sonneveld P, van Beers EH, van Vliet MH, Redekop WK

Poster Presentation: Cost-effectiveness of nivolumab in Combination with ipilimumab in First-line Treatment of Advanced Melanoma in three European countries using 28-month overall survival from CheckMate 067

  • Featured Presenters: Hirst A, Federico Paly V, Diamantogiannis F, Guilmet C, Polanco Sanchez C, Sabater J, Chirita O

Poster Presentation: Cost of nivolumab in combination with ipilimumab as first line treatment in advanced melanoma across various European markets

  • Featured Presenters: Ovcinnikova O, Bourhis F, Shah MV, Potluri R, Chirita O, Sabater JF, Di Rienzo P

Poster Presentation: Comparison of early scientific advice processes in UK, France, and Germany (HTA only): Tips and tricks

  • Featured Presenters: Vlachaki I, Ovcinnikova O, Storck CT, El Mouaddin N, Shah MV

Poster Presentation: Comparison of recent HTA Appraisals of orphan drugs by NICE, SMC, and HAS in 2015-2017

  • Featured Presenters: Ziomek J, Vlachaki I, Taveau C, Delaitre-Bonnin C

Poster Presentation: Network meta-analysis in the evaluation of vaccines

  • Featured Presenters: McGirr A, Widenmaier R, Burnett H , Curran D, Espie E, Mrkvan T, Oostvogels L , Simone B, McElhaney J

Poster Presentation: Vaccines for Herpes Zoster: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials in adults ≥50 years of age

  • Featured Presenters: Burnett H, McGirr A, Widenmaier R, Curran D, Espie E, Mrkvan T, Oostvogels L, Simone B, Wang X, McElhaney J

Poster Presentation: Systematic literature review of health-related quality of life in clostridium difficile infection

  • Featured Presenters: Marcella S, Ahir HBL, Jiang Y, Mayes A, Burnett H

Poster Presentation: Systematic literature review of economic evaluations and healthcare resource utilisation studies in the treatment of clostridium difficile infection

  • Featured Presenters: Ahir HBL, Marcella S, Jiang Y, Mayes A, Burnett H, Rajpura J

Poster Presentation: Early response to certolizumab pegol in rheumatoid arthritis predicts outcome: data from a prospective observational study.

  • Featured Presenters: Saraux A, Flipo RM, Fagnani F, Massol J, Combe B, Huot-Marchand P, Joubert JM, Dunkel J, Cukierman G.

Workshop: Mixed Methods Research: Practices and implications for embedding longitudinal qualitative research in clinical settings

  • Featured presenters: Marrel A, Guillemin I, Parker S

Podium presentation: Cost-effectiveness of dabigatran with real world effectiveness evidence

  • Featured Presenter: Guilmet C

Register to attend:


Join Mapi’s experts for an Integrated Scientific Advice (ISA) Roundtable & Workshop in Texas on Monday, October 16, 2017 or Glasgow on Monday, November 6, 2017!

Integrated Regulatory & Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Scientific advice is gaining momentum around the world and many processes are evolving. In fall 2017, Mapi will be hosting two roundtables on the value of early engagement from regulatory, payer, HTA, and industry perspectives. Experts from Mapi and across the industry will provide an overview of European processes and how manufacturers can be leveraged in the US. In addition, the experts will discuss their experiences with NICE, G-BA, HAS, the FDA, and the EMA. See the below-listed details to reserve your spot at one or both of the upcoming workshops.

October 16 - North America, Grapevine, Texas, Gaylord Texan Hotel & Convention Center >> Full details: >> Click to register: http://mapi.bz/ISAtexas

November 6 - Hilton Garden Inn, Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, Europe >> To register: http://mapi.bz/ISAglasgow