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Our Commitment to Patient Science Runs Deep

Mapi Research Trust

mrtMapi Group is the only Health Research Company with a direct-funded non-profit organization dedicated to improving Patient Outcomes and Quality of Life, the Mapi Research Trust. Supporting thousands of independent and academic research programs every year in over 130 countries, Mapi Research Trust offers free and subsidized access to Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COA) and their derivatives (such as translations and e-applications).

The Trust supports universities and independent researchers, providing the engine for today’s researchers to reinvest into better patient outcomes research for the future. Research supported by Mapi further expands research into new and better treatments, seeding the landscape for new drugs and research methodologies.

For nearly two decades The Mapi Research Trust has been a direct contributor to nearly every translational science research program that incorporates Patient Reported Outcomes. Over 6,000 research programs a year are supported by the expertise, intellectual property, and resources entrusted to Mapi. Over The Mapi Research Trusts quarter of a century history we’ve contributed nearly €100M worth of services, intellectual property, and support to the academic research of Patient Outcomes.

The Catherine Pouget Award

catherineCatherine Pouget was one of the first to join Mapi Research Trust in 1995. She had a real passion for the science of language and managed countless translations of questionnaires and played a vital part in structuring the linguistic validation department.

After a long and courageous battle against cancer, Catherine died in 2001. As one of the founding members of the Institute she is greatly missed not only for her contribution to the Trust, but also as a friend with whom we shared cherished moments.

During the last year of her life she suffered greatly…not just from the effects of her illness and its treatment, but also from the lack of understanding and compassion she received from her medical care providers.

In her memory, and in recognition of her struggles, Mapi Research Trust offers an award in her name. For more than fifteen years, the Catherine Pouget Award has supported the design and implementation of projects improving interactions between patients and those involved in their treatment.

Handicap International

hadicapinternationalNobel Prize co-winner Handicap International recognizes Mapi’s support and commitment to people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations living in conflict and disaster zones and in situations of exclusion and extreme poverty.

Mapi Research Trust and Handicap International collaborated on various research projects for the evaluation of the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of handicapped children. Two main projects were developed during this collaboration.

  • The development of a specific HRQoL questionnaire for adolescents and children who are victims of antipersonnel landmines– In collaboration with Drs Alice Dazord and Sabine Manificat from INSERM (Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale - French National Institute for Health and Medical Research), a specific quality of life questionnaire was developed and adapted for use in former Yugoslavia for children who are victims of antipersonnel landmines.
  • Evaluation of a school integration plan for handicapped children– This study, carried out in France (2001/2002), aimed at assessing the school integration of handicapped children by evaluating their quality of life, specifically when this integration is accompanied by an auxiliary staff member. The children, their parents, and the teachers were interviewed using specific QoL questionnaires.

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ShotAtLifeSince 2014, Mapi Group has funded vaccination programs through the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, which helps acquire and distribute thousands of vaccinations fight causes of child mortality like polio, measles, pneumonia, and diarrhea.

Watch our animated "Happy Holidays" greeting card online here for more information about how we joined forces with the Shot@Life program to fight back against global child deaths caused by life-threatening diseases.

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