Ensuring that the right patients get the right treatments at the right time

Global Market Access

In today’s world, any new health technology that is aimed at addressing a specific disease condition must factor the payers' expectations and requirements into its research program from its earliest stages. Mapi helps support your research and development teams, as well as your market access organization,  to take these factors into consideration and determine which key product and market attributes will be needed to ensure the launch of a differentiated product that will meet the payers' approval.

To de-risk a program in pre-launch, the following requirements should be addressed:

  • The remaining unmet medical need for the targeted condition
  • The gap of innovation to be filled, in light of what the competition may offer
  • The quantification and extrapolation of the clinical effect
  • The relevance of the contemplated clinical effect magnitude
  • The transposition of this clinical value into an economic value
  • The benefit/risk-ratio profile
  • The necessity of either having or not having a biomarker and companion diagnostic testing to screen the patients and/or monitor their therapeutic response
  • The definition and the size of the reimbursable patient population based on a sound epidemiology

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