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An estimate of the public health impact and cost-effectiveness of universal vaccination with a 9-valent HPV vaccine in Germany

Largeron N, Petry KU, Jacob J, Bianic F, Anger D, Uhart M.


Since 2007, the German Standing Vaccination Committee recommends HPV vaccination for girls aged 12-17 with a 2- (Cervarix®) or 4-valent (Gardasil®) vaccine. A 9-valent vaccine (Gardasil 9®) recently received a European market authorization in 2015.


A dynamic transmission model was calibrated to the German setting and used to estimate costs and QALYs associated with vaccination strategies.


Compared to the current vaccination program, the 9-valent vaccine extended to boys shows further reductions of 24% in the incidence of cervical cancer, 30% and 14% in anal cancer for males and females, as well as over a million cases of genital warts avoided after 100 years. The new strategy is associated with an ICER of 22,987€ per QALY gained, decreasing to 329€ when considering the vaccine switch for girls-only.


Universal vaccination with the 9-valent vaccine can yield significant health benefits when compared to the current program.

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