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Economic Burden of Psoriasis and Potential Cost Offsets with Biologic Treatment: A Swedish Register Analysis.

Svedbom A, Dahlén J, Mamolo C, Cappelleri JC, Mallbris L, Petersson IF, Ståhle M.


Estimates of direct and indirect costs of psoriasis are limited. The aim of this study was to estimate: (i) costs in patients with psoriasis compared with controls; and (ii) impact on costs from initiating biologics. The study extracted data from Swedish administrative registers and compared 31,043 patients with 111,645 sex-, age- and residency-matched referents. Mean direct and indirect costs were estimated as US dollars (USD) 1,365 (62%) and USD 3,319 (50%) higher in patients compared with referents, respectively. The study included 352 patients treated with biologics who had at least 1-year follow-up before and after initiation of biologics. Among the 193 patients persistent with biologics for one year, 1-year costs of biologics were estimated at USD 23,293 (95% confidence interval (95% CI) 22,372-24,199). This cost was partially offset, with savings in direct cost estimated to range from USD -1135 (95% CI -2,050 to -328) to USD -4,422 (95% CI -6,552 to -2,771), depending on assumptions. The corresponding estimates for indirect costs savings were from USD -774 (95% CI -2,019-535) to USD -1,875 (95% CI -3,650 to -188). The study suggests that psoriasis is associated with substantial costs, which may be modifiable with treatment.

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